Patents filed: Twelve

1. A Recombinant Mastrevirus as a Viral Vector System (Application no. 639/DEL/2013).

2. Development of a modified plasmid vector system with a novel N-terminal tag that manifold enhances the expression of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli. (Application no.- TEMP/E-1/5421/2017-DEL).

3. A process has been developed for immobilization of the chimeric enzyme, Smt3-d-psicose 3-epimerase and production of nearly zero calorie sugar, D-psicose, from agro-industrial residues. This process is IPR protected by filing a patent in India. (Application no.- 201611044752).

4. Process for encapsulating macrobiomolecules in solid lipid nanoparticles. (Application no.- TEMP/E-1/2724/2016-DEL).

5. Process for preparation of probiotic encapsulated formulation (Application no.- 201711011030).

6. A process for the development of biodegradable films and coatings based on wheat straw hemicellulose and fatty acid derivatized oat bran polysaccharides. (Application no.- TEMP/E-1/5439/2017-DEL).

7. Novel functional foods development using alternative artificial sweetener. (Application no.- TEMP/E-1/8162/2017DEL).

8. The process of preparation of naturally colored specialty biscuits and other bakery products using anthocyanin rich Indian wheat lines as ingredients(s).

9. Millet grain polyphenol rich extracts provides various health benefits. (Application no. -TEMP/E-1/5457/2017-DEL).

10. A process of preparation of glycol-conjugates capped nanomaterial based novel biosensor for selective detection and ablation of food borne bacteria and uses thereof. (Application no. TEMP/E1/26661/2017- DEL).

11. A fast and efficient pet based ligase independent cloning (LIC) vector for the low cost cloning of any gene in Escherichia coli (but not restricted to) host. (Application no. TEMP/E-1/26675/2017-DEL).

12. Development of hypervariable amylose (HyAM) and hypervariable resistant starch (HyRS) wheat lines using DTC fast detection method. (Application no. TEMP/E-I/14264/2018-DEL).