Expression of Interest is invited from Industries/Registered Companies/Firms that are desirous of making commercial products from following products with terms and conditions as mutually agreed. Interested firms/parties/companies may send their interest along with the brief profile of company/Industry to NABI at

1.    Colored wheat enriched with anthocyanins and zinc

2.    Edible fruit coating materials for post harvest shelf life improvement

3.    High amylose (50-70%) /resistant (16-45%) starch non-GMO wheat lines

4.    A novel over expression system for producing large scale recombinant proteins of any origin in bacterial host system.

5.   Multiplexed calorimetric nanobiosensor for detection of food borne pathogens

This is a rolling advertisement. Applications can be submitted any time till 31 December 2017.
Applications will be picked up for screening in three batches, first on October 15, 2017, second on November 30, 2017 and third on 31 December 2017.