Independence Day Message from the Executive Director, NABI

Dear colleagues and students, I on behalf of NABI family and on my personal behalf extended heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you all and your families on our 71st Independence Day. This is a very important and proud moments for all of us. If we look back 70 years down the memory lane, we can see how much progress India has made in all spheres of growth and development. However, we have yet to attain independence from the hunger and malnutrition besides other persistent problems of society like corruption, child labour, money laundering and killing girl child before birth etc. Besides, IT and space revolution, we have achieved self-sufficiency in food grain and milk production. But there are millions of mouths who still go to bed without food every night. Therefore, we should see how we can make this food available to the poorest of the poor of the country. We still need to eliminate hunger and malnutrition from the larger section of the society. NABI has a specific mandate to bridge this gap of malnutrition and protein deficiency in Indian population. Hence, today we should resolve our self to work hard to provide food bio fortified with micronutrients and proteins by bringing a Nutritional Revolution in the country.
I again wish you all a Very Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind! Dr. T R Sharma